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Phone cases can make great business gifts

Phone cases can make great business gifts

During the holidays, business owners and managers look for personalized business gifts that are appropriate to give to clients. With smartphone ownership increasing, a protective cover may be a great surprise for customers this season.

In its Internet and American Life Project, the Pew Research Center estimated that 35 percent of American adults own smartphones. These mobile devices are growing in popularity due to their increasing utility and intuitive features, but they’re also very fragile. As the phones grow thinner and resemble miniature computers more than anything else, they must be protected from the elements and accidents.

Almost every smartphone owner has a case or protective sleeve, but stylish models can sometimes be too expensive for consumers. Your clients may be delighted to receive a personalized cover, because they might not buy one for themselves.

During the season of giving you can show your customers that you care by giving them custom gifts that have functionality beyond the holidays. A smartphone case could be the perfect present for your tech-savvy clients who want their devices to be as fashionable as they are functional. Of course, you should be prepared in case someone doesn’t have a smartphone, so you should have other personalized gifts like custom pens ready.

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