Pedometers can help keep gym-goers active

With winter coming, gyms may face a problem as clients would rather stay warm at home than work out. Some consumers may believe they’re healthy enough and don’t need to continue their exercise plans, while others are averse to journeying into the cold. Fitness centers can use their promotional items to keep customers motivated as the temperature drops and snow piles up.

Gyms can give away pedometers to track how active clients are by counting their steps. During the winter, it’s easy for consumers to become sedentary and excuse themselves from working out. Former gym-goers can use their devices and notice that they’re hurting their health by staying at home.

You can’t allow your clients to leave your gym because it’s cold outside. Customers who leave may never come back, so you’ll have lost business due to a lack of motivation. Branded pedometers can help you demonstrate how inactive your patrons are when inclement weather prevents outdoor activities.

Gyms can give unique promotional products to improve their seasonal customer retention rates. Some clients don’t realize how little they exercise during the winter, and pedometers may be the ideal tools to help fitness centers keep their patrons working out.

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