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Unique promotional products for travel agencies

Unique promotional products for travel agencies

According to The Washington Post, consumers are hiring travel agencies again after online services have proven difficult to use. The newspaper notes that travelers enjoy having someone with contacts and resources to plan trips and reduce some of the hassles associated with traveling.

Agencies must raise their brand awareness and ensure that vacationers hire their services. Making a strong first impression is important in a business relationship, so employees have to put their best feet forward to find new clients. Giving promotional items to likely travelers can help companies turn consumers into regular customers.

Travelers want to work with agencies that send them to their dream destinations. Some families want to visit their roots in foreign countries, while others want to tour the United States. Unfortunately, many trips are expensive and their costs can prevent consumers from going on their journeys. While branded calculators are promotional giveaways commonly used by accountants and financial services, travel agents can distribute them as well so clients can budget for their vacations.

Some of your clients may not have a destination in mind and need some inspiration. You can give these would-be globetrotters promotional wall calendars with some of the world’s most beautiful locations on each page. Every month, your customers will see a new scene and may decide they want to stand in that very spot.

Making travel easy
While vacations are meant to be relaxing, that’s not often the case. Traveling is stressful, especially for consumers who are flying and face lengthy security checks before takeoff. Agencies can help ease some of these vacation stressors with their giveaways.

All of your vacationing clients can use branded tote bags, as suitcase space is limited and packing can be difficult. Travelers can even hold onto the bags to carry home souvenirs from their trips.

If you have customers who frequently go abroad, you can give away passport holders. Everyone needs to keep their identification safe, especially when they visit another country. It’s incredibly difficult to go through customs without a passport, so your clients may appreciate your gift.

Travel agencies can use their promotional gifts to raise their visibility and help customers on their vacations. Consumers appreciate functional giveaways, so the marketing items may help them turn one-time vacationers into regular customers who are ready to see the world.

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