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Advertising for pet services

Advertising for pet services

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates that over $4 billion will be spent on pet services like grooming and boarding in 2012. Owners love their animals and clearly are willing to spend the money to find the best care possible.

In such a lucrative industry, it’s important that a business uses its marketing campaign to differentiate itself from the competition. Pet services can give away unique promotional products to help find leads and then turn them into new business.

Creating a referral program
Consumers trust each other’s opinions and reviews more than marketing messages. The word of a friend is more important than that of a business that is advertising its services. While providing excellent care for every pet can lead to positive word of mouth, some clients may need added motivation to refer a groomer or kennel to other consumers.

You can create a rewards program and give your customers gifts every time they provide a lead or recommend your services to another pet owner. Providing incentives can make a difference and help you generate interest in your company.

You don’t have to give away items that are much more extravagant than your normal promotional items. You can distribute umbrellas and travel mugs so owners can stay dry and hydrated while walking their pets, or you could hand out tote bags so carrying supplies is easy.

Offering functional gifts can improve a pet service’s lead generation. Instead of buying a mailing list or cold calling consumers, a business will only be put in contact with people who actually need some form of animal care.

Being unforgettable
Owners aren’t likely to leave their pets with just anyone, even if a trusted friend spoke highly of a groomer or kennel. Consumers want to ensure their animals are going to high quality facilities that provide excellent care, so they’ll do their own research.

You can use promotional giveaways when leads visit your business. Potential clients likely have questions about your services, so consider distributing branded notepads and pens so answers can be written down. Customers may appreciate being able to take notes and the gifts will advertise your company when they’re brought home.

Even if a groomer has an excellent sales pitch, consumers may forget the specifics before hiring that service. Additionally, pet owners may research multiple businesses, and a pet service that gave away branded items may have sufficiently raised its visibility to be the most memorable.

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