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Exams are the bane of many students’ academic careers. Whether it’s a short quiz, midterm or final exam, pupils spend hours going over their notes and textbooks. Highlighting key subjects and terms has long been a popular technique for visual learners who seek to increase their odds of retaining vital information.

Small businesses, especially those in college towns, can help students learn their materials. Branded highlighters are functional promotional giveaways that will be used every time there’s a big test on the horizon. This constant exposure means companies are advertising to students, even if those consumers aren’t aware of it.

Highlighters have a practical use that benefits students. They’ll likely hold onto the items as long as the markers have ink, so they’ll be constantly reminded of the local establishment that distributed the promotional gifts. With the average college career lasting over four years, this could mean that owners will find consumers who are likely to turn into repeat business.

Many students don’t study on their own. Group sessions are popular because they add a social aspect to what are otherwise somewhat boring tasks. Businesses that distribute highlighters will be advertising to larger peer groups and not just individual students.

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