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Holiday advertising is here

October hasn’t reached its conclusion, but businesses are already rolling out their promotional advertising campaigns for the holiday season. Advertising Age (AdAge) reported that Target is already airing Christmas commercials. Other national chains have made announcements regarding their holiday sales and have added in-store displays.

To stay competitive this winter, businesses have to develop and execute their advertising plans quickly. Without a marketing presence, companies may be left behind because consumers may decide which establishments they’ll frequent this season based on the ads they see.

Local businesses can take part in this early advertising blitz by including holiday themes and images on their promotional products. By reflecting the season and its traditions in their marketing tools, owners are adding relevancy to their advertisements.

Making everyday gifts festive
Promotional items can be emblazoned with almost any symbol or design, so it’s easy for a small business to add holiday imagery to its giveaways. Snowmen and -women are popular because they don’t have ties to one holiday. Instead of a plain logo ink pen, owners can include a snowperson in their designs.

Companies that frequently do business with families can change their promotional notepads to include a famous holiday image – Santa’s list. Parents will use the gift regularly, but adding one of Christmas’ most enduring symbols makes the advertisements more fun. It may motivate children to behave as the holidays near, something every mother and father would appreciate.

Hot chocolate is another holiday staple that almost everyone enjoys. Businesses can give loyal customers promotional mugs to drink warm cocoa from while they celebrate with their families.

Sending greeting cards
Even though digital communication outlets have made it simpler for people to stay in touch with relatives and friends, sending greeting cards is still a popular activity during the holiday season. Owners who send letters of their own are reminding customers of their close relationships.

Businesses can mail promotional holiday cards to all of their loyal patrons and infrequent clients who may need added motivation to come back to certain establishments. Owners and employees can handwrite personal messages so the mailers are more thoughtful than standard advertisements.

Taking part in the holiday season is an important part of year-end success. Owners who include seasonal imagery in their promotional giveaways are making their advertisements relevant to their customers and ensuring that their businesses’ brands are visible during the holidays.

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