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Appealing to amateur contractors

Appealing to amateur contractors

Homeowners turn to hardware stores when they want to do repairs without professional help. Part of the appeal for some of these amateur contractors is that materials are the only expense, making do-it-yourself (DIY) more cost-effective than hiring expert services.

Local hardware stores can advertise to these homeowners by giving away construction-friendly promotional products. Aiding home repair projects shows customers that an establishment actively wants to nurture personal relationships and contribute to the homeowners’ goals.

Proper measurements are necessary for every construction project, so hardware store owners should consider distributing logo-embossed tape measures. Customers will appreciate being able to accurately gauge their spaces. Since clients know their spaces’ dimensions, they can buy the proper materials in a single visit.

A tool pen can help homeowners finish their projects while advertising a store. Not everyone has the proper screwdriver bits, and including them in promotional giveaways can be the be the first steps toward developing customer loyalty.

Every small business can use promotional products effectively by handing out gifts that are relevant to the goods that the store sells. Hardware stores that give out useful tools can appeal to local homeowners who are ready to start their own repair projects.

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