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Universities competing over new students

Universities competing over new students

College application rates have risen exponentially over the last few years as more students seek to earn their degrees so they’ll be qualified for jobs in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Some universities offer similar programs, which makes it difficult for schools to differentiate themselves from one another. Because of this, many colleges and universities have started trying to find ways to appeal to high schoolers who are considering multiple institutions.

Promotional giveaways can help attract young minds to one institution over others. When prospective students tour the campus, handing them functional gifts like promotional key rings or pens may make a difference when it comes time for teenagers to weigh their options.

On their own, these items might not sway students to choose a particular college, but promotional products raise long-term visibility. The frequent use of everyday items make them a perfect vehicle for helping universities stick in applicants’ minds

Giving away small gifts can help schools appeal to the brightest applicants. Colleges and universities that distribute promotional tools are taking extra steps to ensure the best students will be joining the college’s ranks every semester.

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