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Sending gifts through the mail

Sending gifts through the mail

Some small business owners may think that promotional products can only be given away during physical interactions with their customers. To these entrepreneurs, handing someone a logo ink pen seems like the only viable distribution method. This line of thinking limits the overall effectiveness of giveaways because it prevents the gifts from reaching anyone who doesn’t come to an establishment.

Combining promotional items with direct mail marketing allows owners to send free products to their customers. Direct Marketing News refers to packages as dimensional direct mail, because they aren’t flat pieces of paper. Sending small packages allows companies to reach larger consumer bases, which can help them increase brand awareness.

These mailers don’t have to be very large to make an impact. Keeping dimensional mail small reduces shipping costs, so owners can send more gifts to a greater amount of customers. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reported in 2010 that this advertising method earned an 8.5 percent response rating, which is higher than traditional mail and email marketing.

Combining giveaways and mail
As with all marketing strategies, it’s important to take basic steps to ensure that advertisements are raising visibility among consumers. You can start by asking loyal customers for their addresses. Explain to these clients that it’s part of a rewards program for continued patronage.

The second step is picking out appropriate promotional giveaways. Business-to-business establishments should consider gifts that can be used around the office, such as desk planners and USB flash drives. Other companies might be better served by sending practical items that have everyday applications like logo tote bags, promotional magnets, and wall calendars.

Owners can include letters with every package. Businesses can send thank-you notes to customers who have made large purchases or frequently return for additional services. To reinvigorate lapsing relationships, companies should add sales pitches and advertisements to the gifts.

Tracking response rates is important. Without gauging the effectiveness of and measuring the returns from dimensional direct mail, small business owners won’t know if the marketing strategy is generating brand awareness or increasing revenue.

Giveaways don’t have to be limited to physical interactions. Sending dimensional direct mail helps businesses reach out to more consumers than before and heighten their brands’ profiles.

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