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Tricks and treats

Tricks and treats

Dressing up and playing pranks are two of Halloween’s beloved traditions. Tricks are as common as treats during October, and businesses can celebrate the holiday’s spirit by distributing unique promotional products that are more than meets the eye.

Promotional pens are common giveaways because everyone needs to write something down, but you can subvert your customers expectations this Halloween by handing out tool pens instead. These gifts resemble ordinary pens, but instead of ink they have different screwdriver bits. While these items trick clients, they’re still functional treats.

Business owners who want to add variety to their customer rewards or employee appreciation programs can use similar promotional items that have technological twists. There are USB flash drives that hide inside pen caps, which can surprise recipients who weren’t expecting the extra devices.

The promotional tools advertise for establishments, but adding new spin to standard giveaways can tie them to October’s mischievous celebrations. Halloween is a fun holiday when people love to be surprised while they get extra treats. Not every company can hand out candy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy tricking their clients and employees while still distributing fun gifts.

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