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Directing consumers to home repairs

Directing consumers to home repairs

Autumn means that winter is right around the corner and homeowners are preparing to batten down the hatches for a stormy season. It’s important for contractors to stay ahead of the demand and ensure that their businesses will be contacted when consumers are ready to winterize their residences.

Various professionals are called for their services in order to ensure a house is ready for winter – heating, venting and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians are needed to ensure furnaces and pipes can handle a drop in temperature, owners hire roofers to prevent roofs from collapsing during a snowstorm and masons are contracted to fix cracked foundations. If a business has not actively worked to raise its visibility, consumers will hire competitors who had a strong advertising presence.

Promotional products are effective marketing tools that create awareness for service technicians and the skills they offer. Everyday items, like pens and magnets, can be repurposed to put a company’s name in front of potential clients. Businesses that use promotional items have a long-term advantage over other establishments that rely on advertisements, such as emails and commercials, that don’t last as long. The extended shelf life of these gifts assures contractors that even if a home doesn’t require immediate repairs, owners will know who to call for future work.

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