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How to use promo calendars effectively

How to use promo calendars effectively

The year’s end means it’s time for small business owners to start developing next year’s marketing campaigns. Promotional wall calendars can create long term exposure for a brand, but figuring out how to effectively use the gift will raise a company’s visibility even higher.

Make it colorful
Plain calendars can become easy to ignore – they become another decoration a consumer sees every day. Owners should make their promotional products stand out to draw attention every month by avoiding stagnant designs.

Incite action
While the goal of promotional calendars is to increase brand awareness, every month can be used to generate business. Companies can include coupons and discounts on each page so customers have to go to an establishment to receive the special offer.

Include the brand
Making sure the business is well-represented is the most basic step for every promotional gift, but some owners struggle with what to include and where to place it. A business’ logo should be on every calendar page and contact information needs to be constantly on display. Brand recognition won’t increase if vital information isn’t immediately visible to consumers.

A wall calendar can make the difference between customers remembering an establishment and quickly forgetting it. Owners should take basic steps to maximize the marketing tool’s potential.

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