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Advertising to holiday travelers

Advertising to holiday travelers

Vacations are usually cheaper when booked in advance. Travelers are always searching for the best deal so their trip won’t be too expensive. According to USA Today, the best prices for airfare are usually posted about eight weeks before departure. This means that holiday vacationers will soon be looking into making their travel arrangements. Promotional products can help a travel agency raise its visibility so consumers know where to go to plan their trip.

Brand awareness needs to be created before a potential client hires a company’s services. A functional gift could create a consistent marketing presence with vacationers before they consider travel options. A logo ink pen can be used all around a house or office, so it is likely to stay with a consumer.

Promotional giveaways might sway potential clients who have visited a travel agency without booking their vacation. A logo tote bag could be used as carry-on luggage, while a promotional USB drive could store a consumer’s favorite vacation photos. When a traveler is considering all the travel agents they spoke with, these gifts may be the deciding factor in who is hired.

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