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Keeping cars in the garage

Keeping cars in the garage

Americans are holding onto their cars longer as they attempt to save money and avoid high payments for a new vehicle. According to a survey conducted by AutoMD, a database for mechanics’ prices and automotive maintenance instructions, over 78 percent of the drivers polled have kept their cars for over 10 years. Of these respondents, 47 percent said they are unable to purchase a new vehicle but can afford to have most issues fixed.

Garages are seeing more customers as cars age and begin to breakdown. Mechanics can make sure that consumers think of their establishment with promotional giveaways. A lack of visibility is likely to hurt any business, but small gifts can raise awareness with drivers who don’t know where to go for their next tune-up.

Wall calendars can be printed with reminders about oil changes and safety statistics. A three-in-one emergency auto tool can be given to create awareness for a garage in case of any accidents and breakdowns.

Mechanics can increase business by making their establishment more visible with promotional products. Functional giveaways can raise long-term awareness of a garage because of their long shelf life.

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