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Picking the right promotional gift for a business

Picking the right promotional gift for a business

Promotional products are excellent tools for increasing a business’ visibility. Functional gifts put an advertisement right into a consumer’s possession, and have the potential to last a long time. This consistent presence is unobtainable with other marketing medium such as commercials and direct mail.

The Baltimore chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) recently reported that one of the key reasons promotional items are so effective is their ability to constantly deliver brand exposure. While this may ultimately lead to new business, more potential clients may be found if the giveaways educate consumers on what services a company provides. Certain establishments may benefit from some gifts more than others.

There is always a demand for financial services, and with the new year approaching, accounting firms should start looking for ways to stand out from the competition. January 1 is the beginning of tax season, and potential clients will be looking for professional help when it comes time to file their returns. Accountants might want to get a head start by building recognition for their companies now.

Accounting firms could give away promotional calculators to potential clients. Every time a consumer uses the device while paying bills or creating a budget, they’d see a business’ logo. This may turn into a lead as the potential client decides it’d be easier to hire an accountant than personally handle finances.

It may be difficult for people to seek out legal representation. The average person may not need an attorney right now, but there is always the potential down the road. Whether a potential client needs to write a will or advice during a contract dispute, knowing where to find an attorney would reduce the stress involved with the task.

Small promotional items could raise a law firm’s profile enough that new clients are coming in regularly. Emblazoning the company’s name and contact information on the side of a promotional pen puts an advertisement directly in a potential client’s hand. The AMA notes that pens are likely to change hands, exposing even more people to the marketing campaign.

Insurance agents
Consumers want to make sure they hire a reliable and easily-accessible insurance agent who won’t cause additional stress if anything goes wrong. People need to know they are well-covered in case of an emergency.

Insurance companies can give away a promotional umbrella to illustrate the reliable coverage offered to clients. Protecting consumers from the rain could be the beginning of a long-term protection plan insurance providers develop with customers.

Real estate agents
Finding new clients may be difficult in real estate. People may be hesitant to move or simply can’t afford a new property. Agencies need to be sure that their firm is visible so that leads can immediately think of the business whenever a change in address is necessary.

Promotional magnets could be given to local residents who may consider relocation at some point in the near future. Creating a consistent advertising presence in a home could attract new business and promote an edge over competitors who simply waited for clients to enter the market.

Promotional gifts can be used to raise awareness for an establishment and the service it provides. Companies will be developing a long-lasting advertising campaign that increases visibility and educates consumers on what to expect. This may help generate leads that turn into new business and eventually regular customers.

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