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Promo items can bring diners back out

Promo items can bring diners back out

The restaurant industry has seen swings in momentum through both economic recovery and downturn. The NPD group reports that in the spring of 2012, there was no increase in business for most restaurants, and the rise in traffic during the winter was not indicative of long-term growth.

Restaurant owners are considering marketing campaigns in order to help their establishments thrive and start drawing in more customers. Promotional products may help turn diners into regulars and build long-term visibility for a business.

A promotional pen could be given away to every customer that has to sign a receipt. Branded bottle openers might appeal to everyone that sits at a bar. Putting a logo in consumers’ hands will advertise a restaurant consistently and raise an establishment’s profile.

Businesses that utilize promotional giveaways might ensure that some patrons come back regularly. For a restaurant, this loyalty could turn into positive reviews spreading from diners to new customers.

The Los Angeles Times also reports that half of 18 to 34 year old consumers believe their financial situation will improve within the year. Promo items given away now would create an advertising presence with this demographic, giving restaurants an advantage over competitors waiting for Millennials to have more money.

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