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Making the most of National Coupon Month

Making the most of National Coupon Month

September is National Coupon Month and that is probably the most important designation for small business owners to keep in mind. Holding a promotional sale may raise a company’s profile and increase business if it has been properly advertised.

Small businesses don’t need to limit themselves to just offering discounts. Promotional items can be given away with coupons to create a larger awareness for a company as well. By giving a gift, companies may find that customers are less likely to pass on a coupon because the establishments are offering more than a special price.

For example, a grocery store might offer a logo tote bag to all its customers who shop with a coupon. A hardware store could offer a discount on having keys made and give clients a promotional keyring. These give consumers more incentive to use a business and increase brand awareness by putting brand imagery right into customers’ hands.

A business could even use promotional products to distribute its coupons. New discounts could be attached to every month of a promotional wall calendar so consumers constantly check for the latest deals.

By combining giveaways and coupons, small businesses can increase brand awareness and widen their customer bases.

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