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Opportunities for promotion in September

Opportunities for promotion in September

September is a very busy month. There are a lot of days to commemorate while the weather is starting to change. Celebrating important dates could help businesses increase their visibility. A company may also want to spread its marketing out over the month and avoid saturating the market with too many advertisements.

Labor Day

The month starts with the last long weekend of summer. The holiday was instituted over 100 years ago in recognition of hard work. A business could use this internally to celebrate the spirit of the day by recognizing its staff. Giving employees small tokens of appreciation may increase their performance because they will know the company is taking notice of their dedication.

Personalized mugs might be a nice gift for hard workers. With these, every morning the staff would have a nice reminder that they work for a business that rewards a job well done. Taking time to recognize those who make a company run day to day may help an office run smoothly.

Citizenship Day

While most people may not have September 17 off from work, this is a day that businesses might considering making part of a marketing campaign. The date is supposed to commemorate the signing of the U.S. Constitution and celebrate all the citizens of the country.

Marking the date with a promotional giveaway to show patriotism may help people recognize the importance of the date. Magnets bearing the American flag and a business logo may be a great way to increase visibility. Red, white and blue pens with a company name might also raise brand awareness while celebrating the holiday.

First day of autumn

While people usually associate the start of the school year with the beginning of autumn, the official start date is actually closer to September’s end. And when the seasons change, recreational activities change with them.

Businesses can help consumers enjoy the fall with promotional items. A branded tote bag for apple picking or a logo-emblazoned mug for warm beverages could be used by customers all season. A brand will be visible to consumers every time they reach for the gift, even as the month comes to an end.

Choosing important dates may help make marketing campaigns more be memorable for consumers. A business could see its profile rise by spreading out its promotions over a very busy September.

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