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Celebrating every family

Celebrating every family

The nuclear family is not as common as it once was. The rate of blended families that form after divorce or remarriage in the United States is growing. According to a 2011 Pew Research Center survey, 42 percent of its adult respondents had at least one step-relation, and 13 percent had a step-child.

Thanks to a campaign by one mother, Christy Brogeld, the entire U.S. recognizes National Stepfamily Day on September 17. Companies can help the families celebrate the holiday with fun promotional products.

A beach ball with a logo emblazoned on the side could give consumers a way to bond over an activity. A business can bring the whole family together with a game while raising also its profile.

Even smaller promotional giveaways might be a nice touch. Marked dates on wall calendars that customers take home every year would help more blended families learn there is a day dedicated to them.

Companies that show they care about their clients and recognize the importance of family with giveaways may create personal connections. Consumers might be more likely to return to a business that shows it cares.

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