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Using the football for business promotions

Using football-related promotional items for your business

No one can question the popularity of football. Ratings for pre-season games can attract over five million viewers on any given night. Even if businesses cannot afford to air commercials during the game every week, there are still ways to capitalize on the country’s love of the gridiron.

Getting customers to associate an establishment with football is as simple as making a promotional wall calendar that has a business’ logo and the schedule of the local team’s upcoming games.

This is a very functional item, and provides many uses to consumers. People will hang it on their wall and use it every day, not just on game day. The logos and business names on it will constantly be on display to a viewer.

It is important to avoid any copyright violations when designing a promotional product. Since the NFL has copyrighted its name and logo, as well as those of all its teams, it is important not to use them. Individual city names are available to use, however. Using the city or region that the local team represents would still produce the right message to fans and customers.

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