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Use promo items to help students in school

Use promo items to help students in school

College students come to school every year and provide a massive new customer base to local businesses. In 2010, USA Today estimated that students spent $76 billion recreationally. Making sure they know where to spend that money is vital to tapping into this market.

Since everyone loves free things, giving away small promotional items that students will use regularly can increase a business’ visibility and help bring in customers. Functional items that can be used around the dorm, apartment or in class will create a larger profile for the corporations that are giving them out.

For example, pens and magnets would be great because of their functionality. A promotional pen with a logo printed on it is something that a student will use and see everyday. Promotional magnets would put the a company’s brand name or logo right in eyesight during every trip to the fridge.

Using promotional products is a great way for a business to increase its profile and make the most out of its location. In a college town, it is a great idea to appeal to the student body early on and make pupils aware of a specific brand logo.

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