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Providing a product your customers will want to use is key to making they'll want to pick it up and continue using it in the future.

Bring your promotional items into the next century

Providing a product your customers will want to use is key to making they’ll want to pick it up and continue using it in the future. As long as an item stays part of a consumer’s regular routine, it’s more likely they will view your company favorably, divert business to your products and services and boost visibility among those who encounter the promo recipient on a regular basis.

For those reasons, many promotional products purchasers may be tempted to buy large or over-the-top items like umbrellas or golf bags, but these are items that will only be used occasionally and in limited capacity. To ensure that a product is in constant circulation, make it something constantly practical.

Universal promotional bump

Most people have a computer or other device at their disposal where they create files and store important materials. Sometimes they need to transport these documents from one computer to another and don’t want to email or share them publicly. For those users, a USB flash drive is a tool they will need regularly and value highly, considering the importance of the information they need to store with it.

Using custom products like these creates awareness among computer users and establishes your company among individuals seeking file storage. A recent article regarding promotional USB drives pointed out that making these items in specific shapes or printing company logos on them will make them really stand out as unique, worthwhile items to keep and show off.

Make it memorable

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, more than three-fourths of promotional item recipients are likely to keep the item for a year or more, and by retaining this item they’re more likely to remember the company featured on the item.

Making a promotional USB drive a memorable, recognizable item then is logical for businesses that want to be associated with computers and electronics. It’s also useful for any company that wants to be associated with knowledgeable, cutting-edge technology. It proves to clients that a company is interested in investing in the things that are most essential to consumers – their files and digital lives.

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