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"TRY US" and take the guesswork out of finding the best promotional items for your business

“TRY US” and take the guesswork out of finding the best promotional items for your business

There’s no question that promotional products can be a boon for your business when implemented correctly. But how can you know what products you like and more importantly what your customers want without seeing and testing them first? Fortunately, Myron is stepping up to offer trial programs to let you experience the items before you buy them in bulk, to make sure it’s a solution that will work well for your business. This is what the “Try Us” program is all about.

Quality before quantity

Knowing the quality of a product is important before you start handing them out to potential customers. You want to be sure that promotional bags will stand up to wear and tear, that pens have good ink and don’t run out quickly and that portfolios are sturdy and don’t fall apart easily.

It’s also nice to see a variety of items in person before picking between them. There is certainly a plethora of pens available to choose from, but sometimes just seeing an image online isn’t sufficient to determine which one you may like best. Getting samples in different colors, shapes and sizes will allow you to make an informed decision and ensure you’re happy with the product before requesting it in bulk.

An array of options

Just looking at the number of products available through the “Try Us” program may seem overwhelming, but at just $10 -$15 per sample you can get the product, inspect it thoroughly and make sure it’s what your company needs to succeed.

Longtime customer Irvin R. Lucas III said, “I have tried quite a few of Myron’s products over the past few years. Recently I have taken advantage of the new ‘Try Us’ program, which allows me to purchase samples at a reasonable price allowing me to feel the quality of some premium ‘giveaways’ and make a decision on the right gift for my customers.  The variety of items is great and the quality is outstanding! Myron’s products really help me increase my brand awareness and help me show my customers that they are appreciated.”

“I really enjoyed receiving the $10 items a little while back,” said satisfied customer Anne O’Brien-Murphy. “They were all the quality you said they would be and even then some, thanks for the great service and I love all the samples to try out that you send me!”

The product line available through “Try Us” is extensive. It includes laptop bags, totes, golf bags, pens and writing supplies. These promo items will show you how products vary and which are the most durable or suitable for your needs.

If you desire more unique items, “Try Us” also has products like barbecue kits, water bottles, picnic supplies, flash drives and custom clothing. These items are practical and are likely to be frequently used by consumers, making them ideal for marketing campaigns even if they’re less mainstream. If anything, this makes them more competitive campaign tools for business where a competitive market requires distinctive items to gain attention.

Inspect to invest

Knowing what you’re getting before you buy is essential to obtaining quality items. It fosters relationships between businesses and customers as well as drawing new sales opportunities and raising brand awareness.

As promotional products play such a crucial part in advertising techniques, it’s important to be certain of the quality and appropriateness of the items before ordering customized options. That’s why “Try Us” is there to help you make the best choices possible for your business.

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