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It shouldn't be surprising to learn that some promotional items fare better than others in the consumer marketplace.

Get a return on your promo investments

It shouldn’t be surprising to learn that some promotional items fare better than others in the consumer marketplace. A number of factors go into determining the success of each giveaway – how well it’s advertised, the practicality of the item being gifted and the existing perception of the brand or business. These details all weigh heavily on how many customers a business gets after they’ve finished handing out free merchandise.

The kind of items are integral to the success formula. Unsurprisingly, some of these will be more widely embraced than others, but research shows that there are consistent winners in the race for best promo item.

Putting it in writing

One of the most popular giveaways is promotional pens according to the Promotional Products Association International’s (PPAI) most recent research. This versatile and ubiquitous advertising item is not only popular with consumers but cheap for companies to buy.

Getting custom promo pens can help easily spread a business image quickly by leaving these conspicuously in public areas of the business. Banks can leave them near checking and deposit slips to encourage use. Book stores, private gyms and other establishments with sign up sheets can leave a container in the vicinity of paperwork. Businesses can even give them away quickly at trade shows or other public events.

The best part yet again is the price. Promotional pens are affordable, easy to distribute and get highest visibility.

Toting it around

Custom logo tote bags are a portable and fashionable way to get your business message into the public eye quickly and cheaply. They’re another popular giveaway, according to Resource Nation’s printing of a Quality Logo infographic. The publication also pointed out that the sheer size of potential advertising space is much greater than other items like umbrellas or baseball caps and more likely to be seen.

People carry a bag regardless of the weather, but a consumer isn’t always going to need or want to carry an umbrella or wear a hat. Providing customers with an item that fits everyday needs ensures their desire to own and maintain it, as well as use it where others are likely to see the brand.

Making it digital

Another highly flexible and versatile promo item also ties in the move toward new technology that so many consumers are looking for. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, USB flash drives were not only low-priced but helped boost the number of impressions a company got every day by introducing the items to a different environment.

The idea here is that promo USB drives will be given to and used most by those with access to computer technology, a growing percentage of the population. These memory sticks will travel to work, school and professional locations with the recipient, attracting a different kind of clientele than street views would normally bring in. Due to its innovative attraction style, the USB flash drive is an important tech tool for drawing more business.

Many other kinds of promotional giveaways are available for companies to purchase for advertising and gift purposes, all of which provide a measurable benefit to revenue when used properly. Custom note pads, coffee mugs and calendars all communicate a business’ brand and boost visibility, making them valuable tools.

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