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How to stand out in a plethora of pens

Marketing studies show more business professionals are considering promotional pens as a tool for getting brand visibility, but with so many others already using this method, companies may feel deterred from trying it themselves. Remember – if somebody is continually investing in something, it probably works, so following the trend isn’t a bad idea.

Just do it

Certain phrases can become so iconic when attached to business advertising that they automatically evoke thoughts of product placement. Shoes, soft drinks, cars and clothing brands all enjoy this sort of status thanks to persistent advertising and promotional giveaways, reinforcing the proliferation of brand presence and affirming that a product is something a customer should need, not want.

These companies learn from studies conducted by PPAI Research and other organizations that Americans want free things, and giving them what they want tends to leave them with a lasting positive impressions. A recent study found more than 80 percent of respondents want an endorsed freebie or some sort of promotional item to remind them of the company and give them something free to use.

Follow the crowd

For once it makes sense in the business world to follow the crowd. In order to cater to the majority of consumers who want free things, companies should use promotional pens and other items proven to be popular among customers to ensure continued use and heightened visibility.

The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) interviewed hundreds of marketing professionals to find out what products they preferred to give away to clients in order to increase brand awareness. The majority preferred promotional pens, but custom notepads and tote bags also did well in the results.

Respondents indicated they intend to increase spending on these items by more than 80 percent in the coming year in order to attract more business. Since the economy is still struggling to recover from a recession, and businesses are wavering regularly in their confidence, it’s important to make consumers aware of small companies and lesser-known establishments to pull much needed revenue to companies that need it most. Using promotional giveaways can help meet this necessity.

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