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Stay on the cutting edge to remain competitive

Using modern promotional giveaways will ensure consumers equate you with technology, innovation and progress. Giving away tech and trendy gifts will dictate the way recipients will use and show off their swag, and making sure your company comes across in a memorable and positive way is easy when you use promotional flash drives and other popular items.

Doing new things

Not only are USB memory sticks a sign your company is aware of current trends for data storage, portability and sharing, they prove that you have a vested interest in giving your clients something they can use for more than just business reasons. The more uses a recipient can find for a promotional item, the more people will see the product and be likely to inquire about your business and services.

Promotional Products Association International conducted a survey to determine how effective giveaways are when it comes to reminding consumers of the company that provided it. The study found nearly 70 percent would only be interested in a product if they could think of common uses for it and weren’t willing to bring home an item that didn’t seem to have a purpose. Only 5 percent would be interested in taking a promotional product simply because it looked interesting, and barely 1 percent were intrigued by collectibility.

Making promos work

In some ways the shifting of industry is like the seasons – if you don’t adapt, you might die. As technology moves toward smaller sizes and enhanced compatibility, it’s important for companies to pursue that trend and make promotional items follow suit.

Offering logo tote bags epitomizes the modern consumer’s desire for portability. It also will be something worn and used frequently, meaning visibility will be considerably more enhanced by this practical item as compared to a customized rubber stamp or something of that nature which while directly related to the company and does serve as a marketing tool doesn’t encourage practical use.

In an interview with the Northwest Herald, small business owner Pat Gibbs explained that following the market and adapting to change can mean the difference between successful advertising strategies pulling in more business, and failed promotional giveaways costing the company money and failing to assist it in any measurable way.

“I think you always have to march forward with technology,” Gibbs told the Herald.

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