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Hit the beach and make a splash with promotional products

Hit the beach and make a splash with promotional products

It’s that time of year when the temperature rises and people shed their cumbersome layers that characterized the harsh winters. The public no longer huddles indoors to avoid the elements at all costs – they look forward to time spent outside so they can turn their pale skin into an attractive tan and soak up some of that much needed vitamin D. People associate the Summer months with relaxation and bliss. The epitome of the easy going attitude is the beach. The outdoor arena on the water is tucked away from all the usual trappings and the warm sand and coastal tides are a catalyst for fun. Be a part of that sun with useful promo products that you can give away at the beach.

Find the area’s most attractive beaches and stake out some territory on a nice weekend – families and couples are bound to be there. Personalized tote bags make great paraphernalia, because every time you hit the surf you have to bring all the day’s essentials like sunscreen, beach towels, sandals, sunglasses and a good book. No one wants to have to carry all these things at once, so promotional bags that bare your company’s logo will help make their experience easier.

Give away promotional wall calendars as well. Have their images be shots of beautiful local beaches and alcoves. Not only will it be seasonal and appropriate in the warmer part of the year, but this item will give your clients something to think about and look forward during the winter and autumn. Calendars are useful because they let your clients plan and mark off weekends reserved for fun in the sun.

You can also make promotional mugs that list all the beaches in the nearby area. Next to each beach’s name write their address and a list of characteristics such as if they have a wading pool, a beautiful jetty or perhaps it has the ideal spot for big waves and good surfing. The mugs can also be used at the beach for sipping those tasty weekend beverages throughout the day. By bringing a reusable cup, it will also deter people from littering, so sandy areas of paradise can stay clean.

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