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Inspire fun at the office with promo items

Inspire fun at the office with promo items

While serious work and dedication are the foundations for success of any small business, what helps employees put their noses to the grindstone is the ability to contrast the productive labor with moments of respite. Promotional products can help inspire a playful atmosphere that will ultimately give your clients a motivated edge.

As tradeshow giveaways, make custom coffee mugs that have lists of fun trivia on them. The mugs should have a series of questions with the answers on the bottom or the opposite side. Have the subject matter vary, from history to pop culture, so everyone can get involved. An example of a good question would be, “What NBA player has scored the most points in a single game?” On the other side of the mug it would read, “Wilt Chamberlin scored 100 points on a game played against New York March 2, 1962.”  Your clients will get a kick out of quizzing each other as they take a break with a cup of coffee.

Personalized calendars can also be the source of smiles and entertainment. For each page of the calendar, put a riddle or a joke. The April joke, which would play on the theme of the month’s rainy weather, would be, “What runs but never walks?” The answer: water!

To test someone’s skills of logic, math or vocabulary, give away notepads that have challenging puzzles. The cover of the notebook would have your company’s logo and on the inside there would be a word search, while the last page could have a challenging Suduko puzzle.The corporate gifts that you give out do not have to have anything written on them, but they can be included in fun gift packages, or come with printouts that have things like word searches or mazes on them.

Custom flash drives are also a great arena for more fun activities. While customers might ultimately use them to store their files, you can have them come with fun downloadable games, goofy pictures or more puzzles, riddles and jokes.

By associating your brand with fun and entertainment, you demonstrate a dynamic ability to mix business with pleasure. This will eliminate any impersonal facade, and it will enhance your reputation for approachability and openness, which translates into being an enterprise that has good customer service.


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