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 Honor National Teacher's Day with personalized gifts

Honor National Teacher’s Day with personalized gifts

May 8 is National Teacher’s Day in the United States. It is a day for professionals to consider key issues and problems facing the profession as well as for students and their parents to honor the hard work and continual commitment of educators. Some school districts have a series of in-class and school-wide events held to raise awareness about the teaching profession and to share the ways teachers have impacted school, communities and individuals lives.

Parents who wish to show appreciation for a particular teacher who has impacted their student might consider a personalized gift. There are a variety of affordable and elegant options to show teachers their efforts are noticed. Imprinted pens are a great place to start when it comes to price point and utility. Teachers at every grade level are sure to need pens for marking attendance, filling out paperwork, grading homework and responding to larger projects. Teachers will appreciate this gesture, especially if it is accompanied by personalized notepads. Teachers always need paper to organize lesson plans and work out individualized educational goals. These two together make a lovely gift.

Personalized mugs are another great way to go. An elegant monogrammed mug is a simple and elegant option, and a special message of thanks is appropriate and will be sure to perk up an educator just as much as the caffeine that will inevitably be in the mug. Throw in a bag of the teacher’s favorite coffee or a box of assorted tea to round out the gift.

Custom printed calendars are also a nice option thanks to their functionality. Companies could help parents add in appropriate graphics or inspirational quotes about teaching. Major school events could also be added into the calendar content. This is a heartfelt and unique item that any teacher is sure to love.

Desk planners also make a nice gift as they allow the teacher to keep track of meetings and activities, but they often have helpful mathematical conversions charts, important dates and a space to keep track of contacts. Personalize a leather planner cover with the teacher’s initials to assure an attractive and classy gift.

These gifts could also be combined into a set. Student’s parents may team up with their classmates’ parents to collect money to purchase all four items together. Tie a nice bow around the whole package. Teachers will appreciate the functionality of the gifts and feel the appreciation they deserve for tackling such a challenging job.

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