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A first aid kid customized with a personal thank you message will be appreciated and is sure to get use.

Customized gifts to celebrate International Nurses Day

May 12 will see medical professionals across the globe celebrating International Nurses Day. The date correlates with Florence Nightingale’s birthday, and is meant to serve as a day of appreciation for the efforts of nurses as well as call professionals to action regarding issues that affect the profession. The theme chosen for 2012 is Closing the Gap: Increasing Access and Equity, which will focus directly on the importance of healthcare for underserved populations around the globe. Medical practices should consider the following corporate thank you gifts to show appreciation for their nurses.

Travel first aid kit
A first aid kit is a good option for nurses because it fits with the job function. The chances are high that a nurse may be in a situation where emergency medical care is needed outside of clinical settings. A first aid kid customized with a personal thank you message will be appreciated and is sure to get use.

Personalized mugs
Nurses tend to work around the clock and a mug that shows staff appreciation is perfect for nurses looking to caffeinate during early morning or late night shifts. Combine this gift with a bag of coffee or a box of tea depending on taste preferences. Consider adding an inspirational quote from Florence Nightingale to get into the true spirit of the day.

Personalized pens
Customizable pens come at a variety of price points and with a variety of features. Whether the pen you choose is plastic, metal or comes fit with extra utilities, a monogrammed pen is a great and useful gift. For nurses working with children, consider a flashlight pen. The little ones are sure to be entertained, which should take their minds of medical anxiety.

Lunch bag
Reputable companies that sell promotional products offer a variety of customizable bag options, but for a nurse, an insulated lunch bag is perfect. Due to the unpredictability of the medical profession, lunch time is not always standardized. The cooler function will make sure that sandwiches and dairy products stay cool until they can be consumed. Fill the bag with healthy items to promote healthy diets among staff.

Consider the ways that the office can also get into the spirit of the day by focusing on strategies to increase attention on populations across the globe who do not receive adequate medical attention. Further, show nurses they are appreciated and supported with a small token of appreciation.

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