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Target the upcoming spring and summer holidays with promotional products

Target the upcoming spring and summer holidays with promotional products

Now that winter snows have passed and spring is starting to bloom with flowers and sunshine, it is time to start thinking about using promotional products to draw in a larger customer base. Spirits are often lifted with warmer weather, and potential clients may be more likely to consider a small business’ services due to the improving economy as well.

There are a number of national and international holidays taking place during the months of April, May, June and July that should be targeted with a promotional advertising strategy. The following days are a perfect time to host a tradeshow giveaway where executive gifts may be distributed to many different people.

Earth Day

In 2012, Earth Day will take place on April 22nd, and the entire month may be used to target this special day. For example, you can use a direct mail campaign to send out an environmentally-themed gift every week, culminating with a superior gift on April 22nd.

These promotional items should be themed toward environmental awareness – you might include a message about recycling on promotional pens, or label a custom coffee mug with the three-arrow recycling logo. Essentially, you want to make sure any item remains tasteful and promotes proper conservation efforts while projecting a brand image at the same time.

Cinco de Mayo

There are many different themes and holidays in May, but you’ll want to stick with two days, one taking place in the beginning of the month and the other at the very end.

Cinco de Mayo commemorates Mexico’s military victory of over France in 1862, and has since evolved into a day that promotes awareness of Mexican culture and ideals. Promotional products given out in the first week of May can feature Mexican flags, recipes and historical facts. For instance, the same coffee mugs can be stuffed with traditional spices and fact sheets so the day may be properly recognized. However, while it can be tempting to target the alcohol-related aspect of this day, stay professional by promoting educational, wholesome ideals.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is always observed on the last Monday in May and promotes remembrance of all the American service men and women who have given their lives in battle. This day is filled with parades and events that occur across the United States, and is the perfect time to give out promotional products.

Of course, the American flag is the most widely-used symbol on this day, and can be easily incorporated into any business gifts. The colors of red, white and blue are really the only color scheme that should be used, as they are the traditional hues of the United States. Promotional pens are one of the more practical gifts that may be given out, and since their ink is normally red and blue, they are already one step ahead of many other promotional products.

Flag Day and Father’s Day

Both of these take place in June, and during this month temperatures really begin to rise and reach sweltering levels. Therefore, promotional products given out for Flag Day or Father’s Day should be able to function in hotter environments, or at least be themed toward summer weather. Promotional T-shirts or light clothing are well-suited for this task, because customers will always need a shirt or polo to wear to a casual event. A brand logo sewn onto a breast pocket will be seen by anyone who observes the person wearing a polo shirt, and such visibility is something many marketing companies strive to attain.


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