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Earth Day is approaching quickly

Earth Day is approaching quickly

While there are a number of different holidays celebrated in April, none are more tied to the environment than Earth Day. This global celebration is designed to promote awareness of the fragile ecosystems of the Earth and supports alternative energy sources like solar, wind and hydroelectric power. If you own a small business and wish to promote a positive brand image, here are a few promotional products to distribute in the weeks leading up to this event.

You’ll want to focus on business gifts that are environmentally-friendly because customers may be impressed with a company that practices what it preaches. For example, an LED flashlight that is powered by a manual crank does not require batteries to function and will not give off any harmful byproducts.

However, creative promotional items that target the fun side of Earth Day can be just as useful. Custom wall calendars showcase magnificent scenes of natural wonder can be the perfect addition to a bland cubicle wall. Since it is hanging in a public area, any corporate logo will have high visibility, which is of critical importance in a promotional advertising strategy.

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