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Give out comical promotional products on April Fools' Day

Give out comical promotional products on April Fools’ Day

Though most promotional products aim to create a serious brand image, sometimes it can be useful to break the mold and distribute executive gifts that target the fun-loving side of potential customers. Clients who smile or laugh are more likely to associate positive feelings with your company or service, and April Fools’ Day is the perfect time to implement a promotional marketing strategy.

For example, custom coffee mugs could feature a list of pranks to pull on co-workers over the course of this goofy day. However, marketing managers need to make sure that the jokes remain good-natured to avoid possibly upsetting someone. Another idea might be to emblazon promotional pens with comical messages or images – this way, customers might laugh whenever they are writing a note or marking a calendar. High visibility and daily use are the keys to a successful promotional campaign, and funny items will creep their way into the office during stressful times.

If promotional products feature tasteful jokes and a positive corporate logo, a small business can be ensured of the maximum return on investment. Just remember to watch your back on April 1st.

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