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Thank your customers and recognize long-term commitments with promotional products

Thank your customers and recognize long-term commitments with promotional products

Every business owner knows that without repeat customers, their company would have folded a long time ago. The investors and clients who stick with a corporation through thick and thin are often rewarded with valuable stock and increased responsibility, but they also deserve a periodic reminder of their dedication. A company that wishes to build an improved reputation with both potential customers and old favorites may use promotional advertising to achieve their goal.

Host an event to recognize long-term employees and customers

While customers are the most important aspect of a business, loyal employees should not be overlooked. Rather than host separate thank-you events, you can combine both demographics into a rewards gala that is held once a year. This should be exclusive enough that attendees will feel validated, but too much restriction can result in a poor turnout. For example, a good benchmark is five years – workers and clients who have been associated with your brand name this long will be excited at the prospect of an executive gift, and any employee who has not reached this point will be encouraged to stick around.

The promotional items given out at such a recognition event should be practical and high quality. Rather than give out a gift basket filled with cheaper products, you should engrave a single present with an employee’s name and service record. The same can be done for a valued customer. For instance, a crystal clock can be placed on any desk and serve as a constant reminder of a job well done. This in turn will be seen by anyone who needs to check the time, resulting in the maximum return on investment.

Create different levels of recognition for added effect

Many schools and universities have levels of recognition that are staggered due to the amount the people donate, and the top tiers are reserved for the most generous patrons. The same idea can be used by a small business owner to make clients and employees feel special. Exclusive clubs can be signified by unique promotional products.

For example, workers who have stayed with the company for 10 years can belong to a bronze club, while 15 years brings silver membership and 20 plus years entry into the gold tier. Bronze can be signified with a deluxe custom USB key, silver with a engraved clock, and gold with an expensive, superior corporate watch.

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