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Make returning veterans feel welcome by distributing promotional products

Make returning veterans feel welcome by distributing promotional products

The men and women of a nation’s armed forces have one of the most difficult jobs on earth. These soldiers put their lives on the line every day to protect the well-being of their respective countries, and often leave behind family and friends when deployed abroad. American troops have recently been involved in conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, and if your company wishes to recognize their achievements, you can distribute promotional products to these soldiers at corporate events.

For example, you might want to sponsor a tradeshow giveaway that honors troops who have successfully completed a long-term deployment. Family, friends and others can receive business gifts emblazoned with the individual’s name, rank and length of service, which will always serve as a reminder of their heroic duty.

You can also target the soldiers who are currently deployed overseas. Custom coffee mugs filled with candy and other treats can provide sweet snacks that are hard to come by in foreign countries, and can give comfort to any homesick individual. Besides the good feeling that you will get from helping others, your positive reputation will increase as potential clients will be impressed with your charitable efforts.

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