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Use promotional products to raise environmental awareness on Earth Day

Use promotional products to raise environmental awareness on Earth Day

Earth Day is one of the most celebrated environmental holidays in the history of the United States. Traditionally scheduled during the onset of spring, the holiday can spark parades, festivals and other events around the world, and represents a great opportunity for small businesses looking to promote an environmentally-friendly brand image. During the weeks leading up to the day, marketing managers may consider deploying a promotional advertising strategy that utilizes green executive gifts.

Earth Day was first conceived in 1969 after Wisconsin senator Gaylord Nelson observed an oil spill in southern California. He desired to promote public education about the dangers of air and water pollution, and subsequently organized a “national teach-in on the environment,” according to the Earth Day website. Assigned to April 22, this day saw incredible success, with 20 million Americans celebrating environmental awareness around the country in 1970. The aftermath resulted in the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency and new climate change legislation.

If your small business wishes to project a positive corporate image, one of the main traits modern customers look for is environmental awareness. This theme can be augmented through the distribution of promotional products, but there are a few steps that a marketing blueprint must target during this time.

Make sure promotional items are environmentally friendly

Since you are trying to raise support for environmental preservation, the last thing you want is for your promotional products to be wasteful. If you order 10,000 cheap items, customers will likely see through the scheme instantly, which could result in a negative reputation. The best way to avoid this is to provide corporate gifts that focus on quality above quantity.

One feature to consider is recycled material. Promotional pens and notebooks can be outfitted with reused paper and writing instruments and stamped with information that reflects this quality. Potential clients may be very impressed that your small business is trying to reduce customers’ carbon footprints, and a company logo will be remembered due to this information.

Build a sense of community among protesters and enthusiasts

Many people who celebrates Earth Day are a part of the global movement of environmental awareness, and a small business should target this unique demographic with information on the history of climate change. Promotional products such as custom coffee mugs can list the history of Earth day, or perhaps list hotlines and organizations that can provide further data.

This also includes tips on how to reduce personal waste on a day-to-day basis. This community of activists loves to feel like they are individually saving the world, and the truth is that even a singular effort can help reduce harmful byproducts. Wall calendars can be inscribed with instructions not to burn hazardous materials and alternative methods of travel.

Make use of social media with green promotional items

As with any large event, social media is used to organize gatherings and provide information on local sessions. Your company should make use of social websites such as Facebook to promote your own environmental event. If you plan a booth at a parade or expos, you can follow the same rules as a tradeshow giveaway – attractive, practical business gifts can be given out by staff members who can provide helpful information.

For example, if a nearby town has a parade, you can work with municipal figures to set up a station near the beginning of the route. Before the event, personalized USB keys can be given out emblazoned with a URL that links to the company Facebook page. This can contain the respective date and time of any giveaway, as well as special promotions that are not available to non-recipients.

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