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Local towns can benefit from using promotional products during Boost Your Hometown Month

Local towns can benefit from using promotional products during Boost Your Hometown Month

Small towns and communities across America rely on their cultural heritage to define a positive public reputation. A good national image can result in improved business for local establishments, and also can encourage new residents to look at homes in the area. In order to cultivate this attitude, town officials and agencies always look to sponsor local events and raise brand awareness of specific qualities. A well-planned promotional advertising strategy can be employed as a part of this process.

For example, April is national Boost Your Hometown Month. During this time, residents and federal employees are encouraged to spread the word about the positive aspects of living in a local community. If a town has some extra funds to divert to marketing, members of an advertising committee might consider purchasing promotional products to help with operations. There are a few guidelines that can be followed to ensure the maximum return on investment.

Give out practical, cost-effective promotional items

Promotional products given out during the month of April should be both a prospective gift for new residents and a reward for veteran citizens. This way, long-term homeowners can feel appreciated by their local government, and newer people can see the benefits of sticking around. Cultivating a sense of community is necessary for a neighborhood identity, and the more practical these rewards are, the more visible they will remain to the general public.

For example, custom coffee mugs have many other uses besides holding hot liquid. They can be used as paperweights, pen holders and containment units, and a promotional message or brand image will be seen by anyone who grabs an item out of the mug. Other practical business gifts include wall calendars, promotional pens, and personalized USB keys.

The idea is not limited to these few promotional items, however – the more creative and fun a business gift is, the more people will incorporate it into their everyday lives.

Partner with local businesses for maximum effect

Municipal authorities can partner with town establishments to encourage the distribution of promotional products. This can result in new customers for any store and boost awareness of a the surrounding community.

For example, promotional pens can be kept in a jar on the counter of a local pizzeria. Any customer seeking hot food will immediately see the jar when they pay the cashier, and can grab one of the pens to sign a credit or debit card receipt. If the pen were to read “John’s Pizza, recipient of the Best of Springfield award,” patrons will remember both the business and the town awarding the title.

Organize a community giveaway featuring promotional products

Everyone loves town events like carnivals and fairs, so small businesses and municipal marketing managers can organize one of these gatherings to draw the target audience into a central location. This way, time and money will not be wasted on a mailing campaign or other distribution method that can carry a hefty price tag.

Organizers will need to get creative for optimal results. For example, committee members can award promotional products to the first 100 attendees at an outdoor movie night. Then, the remaining spectators can enter a friendly competition or raffle for the remaining objects. This will promote a fun atmosphere and build a positive reputation.

Towns looking to take advantage of National Boost Your Hometown Month can give out practical and fun promotional products during April. If a promotional advertising strategy is combined with local businesses and event giveaways, any marketing committee can be ensured that a town will project an extremely positive reputation to potential residents.

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