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Take advantage of common March themes with promotional products

Take advantage of common March themes with promotional products

Each month has a specific theme that is geared around historical facts, cultural awareness and global holidays. Federal agencies can designate a national initiative, but small, private organizations may use creative themes as well. A small business employing promotional products in a marketing campaign can use these subjects as a basis for their strategy.

Companies can choose from many different motifs during any month, and March is no exception. The following ideas are just a few promotional items can target.

Medical awareness

Each month, the National Health Organization (NHO) encourages partner health organizations to suggest a particular category of disease or sickness to highlight and lists the approved themes. March titles include Save Your Vision, Endomitriosis Awareness and Colorectal Cancer.

Unless your business is collaborating with one of the participating national corporations, you cannot use the campaign’s official logos and images in your plan. However, products can continue to include general knowledge about eye care, nutrition and colorectal cancer. For example, a custom wall calendar may contain information on risk factors for cancer or tips on which foods are good for your eyes.

Everyone loves free recipes and culinary advice

March can be a good month for food enthusiasts. The NHO lists National Nutrition Month as one option, and other themes include frozen food, chocolate, noodles and peanuts.

Nutrition is a positive subject to promote as a health-conscious brand image to improve return on investment. Potential customers can be informed of your services while reading about healthy alternatives on logo tote bags.

There is no limit to what foods you can include – just make sure that the recipes and items listed are nutritious. For example, fruit juice is commonly portrayed as a nutrient-rich beverage, but it also is high in sugar levels and calories. The American Academy of Pediatrics even considers it to be one of the root causes of the obesity epidemic in the United States.

Arts and crafts are great ideas for younger demographics

The target audience is a focal point of a promotional advertising strategy featuring the distribution of executive gifts. Potential clients of all ages may appreciate the humanities, especially parents with young children. Since March is also Science, Crafts, Youth Art and Music in Our Schools Month, promotional items can include suggestions on creative hobbies and skills.

Products that can be used in conjunction with the tasks they highlight can secure optimal visibility in an office or business environment. For instance, custom coffee mugs are typically used to hold hot beverages, but artists often fill them with paintbrushes, pens and other tools. Mugs can depict a color wheel or design scheme for a unique decoration that will help users choose the right shade.

Think outside the box and create an innovative theme

There is no reason why your company cannot create its own monthly theme. The most successful ideas can be combined with the industry that is providing the promotional products. If your company manufactures table saws and woodworking equipment, a good topic might be Woodworking Appreciation Month . Avoid general words like national and make sure that the subject has not been already designated.

Monthly themes can be a great starting point for a new marketing campaign. If promotional products are used correctly, they can market these ideas and result in an optimum return on investment.

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