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Sponsor musicians to help distribute promotional products

Sponsor musicians to help distribute promotional products

Musicians operate in a high-visibility sphere that is a dream for many promotional advertising experts. Fan appreciation is critical to a band’s success, and these entertainers offer promotional items including  free CDs and tour t-shirts. Small businesses can take a page from rock stars’ books and collaborate with local musicians with a promotional marketing strategy.

While international superstars like the Foo Fighters may be unattainable for a modest-sized business, marketing managers can still approach regional bands for assistance. For example, karaoke bands that perform at local bars may attract a large following. Businesses can take advantage of the occasion and hand out promotional pens, guitar picks or drum sticks with their logo and contact information to the audience. In addition, the band can highlight its image with a corporate logo on equipment such as a bass drum.

As with any partnership, collaboration with a band needs to be a two-way street. Group members could receive a discount on services for relatives and family. A company can use some available funds to help secure a popular venue or even throw an album release party as well to expand its audience.

Bands can create their own promotional products
Musicians can still reap the benefits of promotional marketing by making their own promotional items. Any new artist can attest to the difficulties that surround projecting a public image within the music industry. Creating a fan base is nearly impossible to a band operating on a limited budget, but promotional products provide a cost-effective way to get the word out about a group’s music.


A creative logo to place on things like custom coffee mugs and logo tote bags can help a group march to the beat of its own drum. Spectators attend shows to enjoy innovative music, and promotional goods can help a band reach out to those who have never heard their music with colorful and decorative items. The products may even help bands land a record deal.  A unique logo shows creativity and boldness and can be the difference between a producer’s decision to listen to a CD or toss it in the trash.

If a big show is on the horizon, bands can also give out promotional items with event-specific information. Personalized USB keys featuring concert information will work their way into the everyday lives of fans, and can invoke memories of a fantastic performance.

Bands and small businesses can complete successful promotional advertising campaigns.

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