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Spring sports clubs can use promotional products to attract new members

Outdoor sports face stiff competition during the spring months from indoor staples like basketball and hockey. Games taking place inside are not subject to the consequences of inclement weather conditions – spectators can watch comfortably, the playing field remains uniform and shouts can be easily heard.

Since the months of March and April are the time for students and adults to sign up for spring programs, athletic organizers can use promotional products to increase awareness of the benefits of their respective areas.

The great thing about sports is that they can be enjoyed by people of any age, gender or skill. However, organizers implementing a promotional marketing campaign should target one of two brackets – competitive or recreational sports.

Semi-professional sports can be targeted with promotional products

Competitive sports involve the possibility of organized leagues, playoffs and even national championships. The most likely target for these promotional products are high school and college students, because they participate in sanctioned amateur and semi-professional leagues regulated by the local sporting authorities.

So, a high school track coach looking to attract runners to spring tryouts could give out custom coffee mugs with the school logo on them to everyone who shows up, and additional prizes can be awarded to those who make the team. That way, everyone will be walking away with a quality promotional item.

Recreational sports depend on incoming business

The other side of the coin is recreational sports. These involve leagues that vary in skill and competitive levels, and clubs depend on their members for funds. Each player is normally charged a seasonal fee. Since there will always be a need for new business, a manager can use promotional products to bring in new participants.

For example, a local sporting goods shop can have a jar by the cashier that contains promotional pens. These pens can state the name and location of the adult league, plus sign up times and sports listings. This way, there is a good chance that an athlete paying with a credit or debit card will use one of these pens to sign a receipt, thereby learning about the league.

In the upcoming spring months, a coach or marketing manager looking to attract new athletes can distribute promotional products to broadcast information about a league or team.

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