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Incorporate photographs into promotional products for a unique angle

Incorporate photographs into promotional products for a unique angle

Photographs are an intrinsic part of any fond memory. Family vacations, graduation parties and events enjoyed with friends always feature one person clicking away on a camera to record good times. These snapshots are then put into picture frames or uploaded to the internet so that everyone can enjoy them. However, promotional products can be branded with these images to expose them to a much larger audience.

There are a few different demographics that a small business can target with promotional items that feature photographs, and some good steps to follow are outlined below.

Target personal memories with business gifts
Businesses can focus on corporate events and tradeshow giveaways that trigger fond memories for employees and customers as well as promote a positive brand image. For example, if a sales team is sent to Vancouver on a business trip, a photograph of the entire team against the city background can be given as a gift in a personalized digital photo frame or emblazoned upon a custom coffee mug with a positive message. That way, any recipient will think of the memorable journey every time they gaze at their gift.  Additionally, a potential customer will see a unified, fun-loving company based on the smiling faces in the photo.

Advertise company services through relevant pictures
Just like figuring out which pictures to place in movie posters and other creative marketing strategies, a small business can use promotional products as a launching board for service-related pictures.

Writer and promotional photography expert Tony Luca related a relevant experience in his promotion article on

“The text was printed over a photo of a towering hamburger and it made you hungry just looking at it. The point was that I wanted my potential clients to put that reel on their shelf, glance at it from time to time (and get hungry), and reinforce all of our promotional materials with the Dan Wolfe Shoots Food mantra,” wrote Luca.

For example, a company that manufactures hamburger buns could use the same strategy as Luca and give out promotional wall calendars featuring a “Top 12” burger list. Chances are that people looking at a picture of a juicy hamburger will feel at least a small hunger pang, and they know exactly what buns to purchase because the company name is right in front of them. This type of exposure is critical to the success of any small business.

Take advantage of weekly or monthly themes
The great thing about photographs is that there is no limit to what they can capture. This adaptability can be geared around time-sensitive themes like seasons and events. So, corporate greeting cards that feature sweeping winter landscapes will be much more appetizing to consumers than a fake image of a snowflake. The trick is to take already-existing pictures and upgrade them to portraits of reality – this can increase the efficiency of a promotional marketing plan.

Since February is National Wedding Month, images of happy couples and white dresses can be featured on promotional items for a wholesome feel that is hard to project otherwise. The theme of spring can also be targeted with seasonal pictures of landscapes and animals emerging from winter.

Photographs can be much more personal and interesting than even the most elaborate artificially created corporate logo, and promotional products that include relevant images are likely to increase business while projecting a successful brand name.

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