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March is National Nutrition Month

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has designated March as National Nutrition Month, and many culinary institutions are capitalizing on this title. Grocery stores are broadcasting suggestions on low-fat ingredients, cooking channels are featuring green recipes and online social media is buzzing with healthy lifestyle tips. A promotional advertising campaign can establish a brand image while helping customers keep their waistlines in check this March.

Creative promotional items are more likely to be used everyday. A good idea is to include recipes or serving suggestions on gifts that can actually be used to contain food or beverages. For example, a custom coffee mug normally holds a hot, caffeinated liquid like coffee or tea. In the interest of nutrition, they can have information on new ways to sweeten beverages without unhealthy cream and sugar. Promotional wall calendars featuring healthy recipes are also a great way to get people into the right mindset.

Though the World Health Organization estimates that obesity affects more than one billion adults today, controversial subjects related to weight gain should generally be avoided. Instead, stick to gentle suggestions on healthy living without negative remarks.

Potential clients can be very appreciative of a company that keeps personal health in mind, and there is no better month to implement nutrition-based promotional products in than March.

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