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Donating promotional products to non-profit agencies can help a small business

Donating promotional products to non-profit agencies can help a small business

Public image is a very important aspect of branding and a company as a whole. The average consumer is not likely to conduct business with a corporation that has poor customer service or a reputation for bad business practices. Promotional products can help any company build a healthy brand name, but marketing managers can take this idea one step further by donating useful items to people in need.

There are many ways to accomplish this goal, but several avenues can be followed when researching a promotional marketing blueprint.

Target non-profit organizations and charities

Non-profits are great organizations to target because they will take care of the categorization and distribution of helpful promotional products. There are an endless number of charities to choose from, and a promotional marketing theme can be based upon the subjects these companies sponsor.

For example, promotional items donated to the American Cancer Society can feature information on specific diseases and risk factors. Or, on a lighter note, custom coffee mugs donated to VH1’s Save the Music Foundation can incorporate fun pictures of music notes and instruments. Because the themes are so varied, there will never be a lack of subjects to comment on with promotional products, which is great news for niche clients.

If possible, a partnership should be organized with these companies so that awareness can be raised for both parties. A bunch of red promotional pens can be swapped with heart-themed wall calendars from the Red Cross, for instance. This way, people donating blood will be exposed to a company’s services, while employees and customers from the donating firm will be encouraged to give blood. Revenue and business can improve without ever exchanging money.

Host a promotional giveaway with a wholesome theme

In the same vein as the charities above, small businesses looking to promote an honorable image can host promotional giveaways themselves that cater to one of the many humanitarian subjects. For example, logo USB drives that represent AIDS awareness can be given out in conjunction with a “health knowledge” day hosted by a company. Employees and customers alike will be impressed with an organization’s concern for important issues, and this good reputation can certainly lead to increased business.

Promotional products that are donated to charities or given out at sponsored events are a great way to improve a company’s brand name.

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