America’s Small Business Summit will provide advice and solutions

It can often be disheartening for small businesses to consider that they’re all alone, left to compete with other local companies and large corporations. However, it is important to remember that many organizations, including in the federal government, recognize that small businesses are major contributors to the economy and the financial stability of the country.

Consequently, there are often resources available for companies that find themselves struggling and in need of guidance. Small business owners with the ability to travel to Washington D.C. this spring should consider attending America’s Small Business Summit, held in the Capital from May 21 to 23. There will be many components to this gathering, but one thing is certain – companies will find fodder for inspiration as well as actionable advice about how to move their companies forward. Here are some of the events that attendees can expect to enjoy.

B2B Matchmaking
By signing up early, companies have a chance to engage in some good, old-fashioned matchmaking. Businesses will supply information about their operations and needs, and can enter to have their data and identification matched with another company in need of specific products and services. This kind of pairing is the ideal result of marketing and advertising, making such a service something that shouldn’t be missed for companies that want a little relief from their constant branding efforts.

Prominent Speakers
Sometimes the best advice comes from people who have already worked hard to build businesses. That’s why some tremendous speakers have been invited to talk to attendees at America’s Small Business Summit. They include Thomas J. Donohue, the President and CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce, President of Young & Successful Media Jennifer Kushell and Frederick W. Smith, the CEO of the FedEx Corporation. Such resources are hard to come by in daily practice, so the advice that can be gleaned from such presentations shouldn’t be ignored.

Specialty Sessions
Learning often requires a direct educational approach, so it’s not accident that America’s Small Business Summit will feature plenty of seminars and teaching sessions on many different topics. Subjects will range from networking to contacting Congress to exhibits by sponsors. Register now to begin putting a small business back on track toward success thanks to the resources of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other local companies.

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