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Promotional products for the office can improve small business image

Companies that struggle to inject their name or brand into a community’s consciousness can attempt a number of strategies. Online marketing is a great way to ramp up the interest that business leaders and consumers take in a particular organization, while traditional print media advertisements can have a large impact, even if they do tend to cost a bit more than other tactics. However, promotional products may be the most cost-effective tools to use in such an endeavor, no matter the industry.

In particular, promotional products that are useful in offices and stores can improve the image and name recognition of a company. When deployed in large numbers to a setting that already has companies on the mind, these devices will pay large dividends for a company that needs to get its name into the public sphere as quickly and efficiently as possible. Consider the following examples of office-themed promotional products at their best.

There was a time when complex mathematical computing required an expensive device. These gadgets were status symbols that bespoke the wealth and intelligence of the user. Today, calculators are available on smartphones and PCs, rendering much of the impact that they once had insignificant. However, that doesn’t meant that a calculator won’t be a valued asset to an office worker. Indeed, many companies that employ accountants, scientists and other mathematically inclined workers will appreciate low-cost, affordable machines that can make their calculations easy to perform.

Memo pads
There’s nary the office that won’t make great use of a memo pad. Emails, text messages and instant chats may be great for electronic communication, but these ways of sharing information can be easily ignored or forgotten. Not so for a reminder on a memo pad, which can be affixed to a computer screen or on one’s keyboard. This type of interaction will trump a digital one any time, which is besides the fact that many staff members may simply prefer the old-fashioned way of doing things.

Magnetic clip dispensers
Paper may be used far less than it once was in offices, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require organization. In fact, the ease with which people keep folders and files in their correct places on computers will make dealing with messy reams of notes seem like a difficult trial. A magnetic clip dispenser can be personalized for a company and keeps important organizational tools at the ready.

The many metal surfaces that surround office workers are the perfect place for more reminders that can’t be ignored. Desks, filing cabinets and doors are all excellent places for subtle messages about keeping work areas clean, attending meetings, dress codes and other crucial information that employees are likely to forget. Additionally, refrigerators in offices are sacred places that often need cleaning and care, so the communiques that need to be made on their surfaces are best placed with promotional magnets.

The digital age has caused even the most diligent of workers to want to skim text and pick out the most important keywords. This is an efficient tendency, but can make reading physical pages of text seem tedious. Offices that have a healthy supply of highlighters on hand will be able to keep personnel focused on the important parts and indicate the portions that can’t afford to be ignored. Promotional highlighters are excellent tools for this, and unlike promotional pens, which are great products in their own right, they’ll stand out in a drawer or on a desk.

Despite the numerous benefits that they provide, there’s one thing computers aren’t very good at doing – measuring things. Having a ruler on hand is a blessing, because there are many times when a measurement is required but no tool to perform it is at hand. The desperate worker who finds a promotional ruler on hand will be unlikely to forget the name of the company that provided it.

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