Social media marketing requires outside-the-box thinking

There are a great many ways that various social media platforms can make small business marketing easier. Companies can stay in touch with customers to keep them informed about ongoing promotions or discounts. Contact information is made available so that promotional products and other offers are able to be sent. Consumers can even offer advice or feedback that organizations are able to integrate into their business practices.

These methods are all useful, but many companies are aware of them and will use them accordingly. Small businesses that want to remain competitive in their industry or market ought to be aware that setting themselves apart from competitors is a requirement. Here are some suggestions for ways that local companies can make their websites and social media profiles even more useful and unique.

Company websites are at their best when they become useful tools rather than basic platforms for businesses to market themselves. Consumers see advertising every day and will have little interest in a website if it doesn’t bear a semblance of usefulness. A living calendar with important dates on it should be a feature of any commercial site. Promotions, discounts and special events can be posted that will be of interest to regular customers, especially if there are regular updates to the schedule.

Users can often be given the opportunity to log in and maintain a personal profile on a company website. This is necessary for businesses that sell things over the internet, but even for those that don’t, it can be an interesting way to engage customers. This will also give organizations useful contact information that they can later use for promotional product giveaways, discounts and secret events.

Forums and message boards are increasingly becoming an important type of discourse on the internet. People who are frequently online find that it is an excellent way to have conversations, give advice, offer recommendations, argue points and share information. Spirited debate and lively banter are very attractive to internet users, who will be interested in any site that features them. Allowing conversations about a company, its industry or a local geographic area will make a web presence more valuable in the eyes of customers and could attract extra business.

Links to valuable websites in an area are a great way to improve search engine optimization efforts, but they can also help to improve the image and desirability of a company’s website. Resources related to a geographic area, industry or company itself are always helpful to consumers, who will appreciate the help that an organization has offered them in their quest for more information about products and services.

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