Small business logos require some thought and design

One of the most effective ways for small businesses to market themselves is by adopting a striking and memorable logo. A logo will quickly and effortlessly communicate the name and image of a company, whether it’s placed on a billboard, printer advertisement or promotional product. Consider the following types of logos when designing for a marketing campaign and be sure to understand which types of promotional products are the best to use for each category.

Abstract mark
Many large corporations favor abstract marks, which do little to communicate anything more than a tone and perhaps the industry in which a company operates. Abstract marks require a great deal of active marketing to solidify in the minds of consumers, so small businesses may want to shy away from them. Some of the best promotional products to emblazon with an abstract mark should be those that the owner of the product can explain the meaning of. Abstract marks need to be clear reminders of a company, and promotional magnets or personalized mugs are usually used in a home or office where someone will be on hand to complete the branding effort.

This may be the most effective sort of logo. It is simply the name of a company in a unique and stylized font or typeface. Occasionally, logotypes are also pictures or have a design that calls to mind a certain picture. Small businesses should pick a certain design for their company name and emblazon it on most of their letterheads, advertisements and promotional products. In fact, a logotype is the best sort of symbol to use on a promotional product because it requires so little explanation. Promotional pens, logo USB drives and personalized calendars all benefit from having been marked by a logotype.

Pictorial mark
A pictorial mark can be a simple scene, a mascot or a character. What is important is that it depicts something in real life. This sort of logo is more old-fashioned than others but still bestows the possibility of success. A picture that is very unique and memorable, though more difficult to recreate quickly and cheaply, sticks out in the minds of consumers. Pictorial marks should be used on promotional products when there is plenty of room on the product to fit in detail and when the artistic expression it is made with is appropriate. The perfect way to use this sort of symbol is on a promotional tote bags. These items aren’t lacking for space and are meant to have some form of artistic expression on them anyway.

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