Small businesses prepare for the launch of Google+ commercial profiles

When Google+ opens to all users later this year, there will be some significant changes to the internet marketing landscape. Unfortunately, because there is still uncertainty about how many people will embrace the new service and what role companies will be able to play in it, those changes are still unknown.

However, some concrete information is becoming available. Google has announced that Google+ business profiles, in one form or another, will be available by the third quarter of 2011, according to Venture Beat. This is useful news for local companies and small businesses. Originally, Google intended that there would be no commercial profiles on its new service at all. After pressure and demands from individuals and commercial organizations alike, the company relented.

Another confirmation that has come from Google is the admission that their popular Analytics service will be integrated with commercial Google+ accounts. This means that the data that helps track search engine results, web page hits and blog posts will be available in conjunction with social networking. Companies may find this the best social media tool yet for finding new customers and connecting with consumers.

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