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Tumblr is an effective social media platform for small businesses

Many social networking websites provide benefits for small businesses. Facebook boasts one of the largest pools of users and allows companies and individuals to rub elbows in the same space. Twitter allows short comments and links to be shared quickly and requires less work to post on. LinkedIn keeps businesses, managers and employees in conversation with one another.

However, there is another website that can be used to great effect and is relatively simple to run: Tumblr. Originally started as a blogging platform, Tumblr has expanded to allow the posting of pictures, video, audio and more. The number of users on Tumblr is quickly growing, and it makes sense for small businesses to add the website to their list of regular social media efforts.

One of the things that sets Tumblr apart and makes it appealing to small businesses is that it is mostly based on posting multimedia content rather than text. Companies that are aggressively pursuing an online internet marketing strategy should know that company videos and pictures are essential for making a website popular and effective. Tumblr is one of the most popular ways to share these items, and it isn’t difficult to link a Tumblr account to a Facebook profile or a Twitter feed. This can help to increase and expand a group of followers that will become the vanguard of a customer base.

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