Guerrilla marketing can be successful for some small businesses

If today’s consumers have learned anything, it is how to block out advertising. In addition to the technology on computers and television that can automatically remove commercials, the public has developed the ability to create psychological blind spots that shut out external stimuli when they perceive they are being sold something.

This can be blamed on large corporations that engage in massive media campaigns to reach as many people as possible. An unfortunate side effect is that small and medium-sized businesses are left in the difficult position of trying to market quality goods and services to people who are incapable of hearing their messages.

One way around this is through the use of guerrilla marketing. The idea behind this tactic is that awareness efforts should not come off overtly as advertising to customers. Guerrilla marketing can be any kind of brand awareness campaign that hides its nature but still conveys valuable information.

There are large companies, such as movie studios and television networks, that will sometimes attempt a guerrilla marketing campaign. Often, the form their efforts take is a puzzle or game that must be solved to learn more information about a film or program that is yet to be released.

However, it doesn’t have to be so convoluted. One simple way for small businesses to raise awareness of their brand in the guerrilla style is by using promotional products such as personalized mugs or promotional pens. Those items can be given as gifts or prizes and distract customers from the fact that they are being reminded of a company or organization.

Additionally, guerrilla marketing can take the form of intriguing print media advertisements. Readers of newspapers, magazines or local town circulars can be tempted to check out a website or view a social media profile by vague but compelling messages that don’t explicitly indicate what they are advertising. Once on the internet, the curious customer has lost some of their resistance to marketing and is willing to trust a company’s claims of superior service and quality.

An added benefit of guerrilla marketing is that it is often less costly than traditional brand awareness campaigns. Given that the internet provides many free and low-cost advertising options, guerrilla marketing tactics such as promotional products can provide a cheap and easy way to direct offline users to online resources.

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